New Henkin Shavit Design Brightens Israeli Kibbutz Home

  Plenty of Mediterranean light brightens up this northern Israeli home designed by Henkin Shavit Studios. The homeowners, a young couple at Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot, Israel, desired a welcoming environment for entertaining guests. With plans to start a family, they also needed more rooms. The residential project covered 200 square meters. The designer used natural…



Osaka Japan Designer Makeover for RE-EDIT Hair Salon

  RE-EDIT Hair Salon gets a makeover by Sides Core, a Japanese design studio, based in Osaka Japan. Completed for a friend of the designer, the minimalistic theme accentuates the large-windowed fa├žade that overlooks a busy street corner. To soften the effects of the downtown area, the interior designer created a lush space filled with…