Okeanos Aquascaping Manhattan Presents Isolate Skull at Art Basel Miami

  Isolate / Skull Edition by Martin Schapira & Nathan Kamelhar of Okeanos Group at Avant Art Gallery Miami During Art Basel. Introducing isolate, an integrated freestanding arrangement that fuses cutting edge technology with contemporary design. Uniquely beautiful and infinitely adaptable, isolate can be modified to accommodate freshwater and saltwater fish, or a planted terrarium,…



New LinkedIn Offices NYC Inspires Sales Team with Fun Design

  LinkedIn NYC treated its growing sales team to a fun, vibrant workspace designed especially to create a club-like atmosphere that you can’t help but admire. In its efforts to makes a personalized and comfortable space for its employees, the business networking behemoth redefines what it means to go to work. LinkedIn Offices NYC Designed…



Flowery Fish Blossom at Japan’s Enoshima Aquarium

If fish could tiptoe, they would certainly be able to go through plenty of assorted flowers at the Enoshima Aquarium in Japan. Now through late December, colorful, floral light projections lend a whole new meaning to the phrase “tiptoeing through the tulips.” Japanese studio teamlab brings the aquatic environment to life in their digital art installation,…



Luxury Temple House Hotel in Chengdu Opens: Make Architect Design

  Summer of 2015 uncovered a hidden gem in China’s key financial & commercial center Chengdu with the newly-opened Temple House Hotel. Designed on behalf of Swire Hotels by Make Architects, this luxurious hotel is third in their portfolio of China’s most stunning hotel facilities, which include Hong Kong’s The Upper House and Beijing’s The…



30 Collins Brings Malibu Vibe to 360 Cashmere Store Design

The latest Malibu California boutique opening finds 360 Cashmere bringing a bit of East Coast styling to the laid-back West Coast fashion everyone loves. Design firm, 30 Collins of Los Angeles, used metal and wood to fuse the 250-square-foot store with luxurious natural woods and elemental metals that showcase the boutique’s all-season cashmere and sweaters.…



New Henkin Shavit Design Brightens Israeli Kibbutz Home

  Plenty of Mediterranean light brightens up this northern Israeli home designed by Henkin Shavit Studios. The homeowners, a young couple at Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot, Israel, desired a welcoming environment for entertaining guests. With plans to start a family, they also needed more rooms. The residential project covered 200 square meters. The designer used natural…