Interior Design is our name.  Water is our game.

Interior designers come and interior designers go.  Unfortunately it’s a truth of the industry that most designers have trouble with brand name differentiation and making a name for themselves.  The average contractor or home owner cannot name a designer beyond Martha Stewart let alone you.  And for good reason.  Let’s face it — most designers offer nothing compelling to speak of.

It begs the question: how can we better present ourselves to stand out from a sea of mediocrity?

One answer to this question is by re-enforcing a brand-association.  Like other industries, if we specialize we win.  To that end, we have found that specializing in water features is a refreshing, novel approach to interior design that gets you name recognition.  And that means more business.  Problem solved.

Is there a more universally-welcome set of tools in the arsenal of an interior designer?  From rich, dynamic saltwater aquariums to stunning lit waterwalls to soothing coy ponds, the array of possibilities are always welcome.  Incorporating water into interior design offers a vast untapped diamond mine of head-turning possibilities.

We at Okeanos Aquascaping have created this blog to explore the strategies and insights of incorporating water features with design.  We would like to feature articles from guest authors and designers who share our passion for water and design.  We invite you to become active in our community — let’s broaden our horizons together.  It’s time to make a name for yourself.