Okeanos Aquascaping Manhattan Presents Isolate Skull at Art Basel Miami

  Isolate / Skull Edition by Martin Schapira & Nathan Kamelhar of Okeanos Group at Avant Art Gallery Miami During Art Basel. Introducing isolate, an integrated freestanding arrangement that fuses cutting edge technology with contemporary design. Uniquely beautiful and infinitely adaptable, isolate can be modified to accommodate freshwater and saltwater fish, or a planted terrarium,…


Philippe Starck Designs Luxury Plastic Tables for Kartell

Philippe Starck takes plastic to soaring new levels with his polypropylene designs that defy and push the boundaries of mass plastic furniture production. Starck boasts a number of firsts. He created the first polypropylene chair in 1988; the world’s first polypropylene-moulded chair in 1999 and the first single mold sofa, made completely of polycarbonate in 2014.…


chiharu shiota weaves an immersive labyrinth of keys and yarn

    The magnificence of the Chiharu Shiota art installation at the 2015 Venice Art Biennale provides an awe-inspiring look into the intricacies of the red labyrinth of keys and string that form a tightly-webbed cloud of wonder and excitement. Located in the Japan Pavilion of this May 2015 event, this stunning artwork covers the…