30 Collins Brings Malibu Vibe to 360 Cashmere Store Design

The latest Malibu California boutique opening finds 360 Cashmere bringing a bit of East Coast styling to the laid-back West Coast fashion everyone loves. Design firm, 30 Collins of Los Angeles, used metal and wood to fuse the 250-square-foot store with luxurious natural woods and elemental metals that showcase the boutique’s all-season cashmere and sweaters.…


The Versatility of Marble in Art & Design

For thousands of years, civilizations have used marble in architectural designs, sculptures & artwork. From the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamian cultures to the Renaissance era, this natural stone has offered its beauty and durability to countless generations. In our modern age, marble is big business. International design trade shows regularly feature designers and studios that…


Miami Comes to LeMarais Paris Burger Diner Courtesy Cut Architecture

Typical New York burger joint meets the playful colors of Miami in the Paris New York (PNY) restaurant located in Le Marais, Paris. Cut Architecture, also based in Paris, designed the new restaurant, third in the popular chain, to resemble the beach lifestyle made so popular by visitors to the famous Florida tourist attraction. American…


The New Modern for Coffeehouse Design: Bulka Cafe Moscow Russia

Bulka Cafe and Bakery in Moscow received something a bit more modern when Crosby Studios decided to shake up traditional coffee house décor. Think modern meets earthy, and you’ll have a sense of the summer garden effect the designer achieved in the interior design of this lovely coffeehouse. Bulka Cafe and Bakery Interior Design by…


Walking on Water: Using Water Streams Within House Flooring

If you have been to any of world’s tallest buildings, one of the definite attractions on the topmost floors of these buildings will be the glass floor, which tends to give acrophobics the jitters. This allows us to feel the adventure of being at a fearful height without any restraints. Similarly, we can use the…