And Let There Be Light

Such were the famous biblical words, and with Noah, the movie, in theaters, timing could not be
more coincidental. However, unlike the biblical event, with the invention of glass, we are able to
tap into the advantage of transparency by combining water and light, without getting wet, indoors.
Light is powerful variable in interiors, depending on the balance of the natural and artificial lighting
in the space. Combining it with another versatile aspect, water, we can create stunning effects
within a space, which will have its own moods and tantrums. Let’s first look at what light has to
Light has generally been associated with happiness, energy and prosperity. There is “light at the
end of the tunnel” an expression to show the ending of a less favorable event; “early to bed,
early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” an expression to show that a morning
person generally wins the day, etc. And man has discovered how to split the traditional white light
/ sunlight as he has seen the natural refraction of light with rainbows, and recreating it with glass
prisms. Even though light as a whole evokes certain feelings in us, each of the colours also bring
about certain emotions in us.
We feel different when looking at molten lava or metal, which exudes the fiery crimsons and reds; compared to looking at the deep blue colour under water. Colours evoke different emotions and have been used accordingly, among the various stimuli around us, but most prominently red, amber and green in traffic lights. Red has always been a colour that pumps up adrenaline whether it be to alert approaching danger or to arouse passion. Amber has been associated with being ready, a state of alertness, while green is a colour of acceptance, tolerance and
agreement. Regardless of our background or where we come from, this is a universal code that everyone follows.
There are also other colors, which are becoming universal; blue a state of relaxation on one end, with travel and holiday beach themes; and as a symbol of formality, on the other, as the most commonly chosen color for business attires. Purple a regal color which is often associated with posh and splendour; black a colour of mysticism and unknown, while being seductive; and white a colour of purity and transparency.
Most professions that deal with coordinating colours, refer to the colour wheel, a cheat sheet, that helps with the selection of hues that will bring out the best in their designs. This wheel also provides a general indication of what the colours stand for, giving an emotional element to this seemingly simple exercise of picking pigments. This concept is not unknown to the world of interior design, which not only deals with decoration, but also what the person is experiencing within that space.
Now that we have seen what light has to offer, we can look at incorporating light with water based indoor decorations such as the commonly used pools to water walls.
An indoor pool, with lighting systems installed underwater, creates varying ambience in the pool one minute it is red, orange raging pool of passion, another minute it looks like the bluegreen tranquil pools of Bora Bora. The light travels out of water and spills to the room creating a glow, along with the shadows formed by ripples of water. The effects, together, create an eclectic vibe in the room. We can also extend this further by using multiple hues at the same time, to create a disco style lighting.
Lighting can also be added to the surface of the water. Many eco-friendly, floating solar lights are now available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These are not only easy to add to the interior spaces, they are also easier to maintain often requiring just a change of batteries, and in some cases, not even that.
Bring glass floors into this equation; and we will have water flowing under our feet, while enjoying the dry and cozy comforts of our couch. These floors can also be illuminated with different types of lights, such that the floor becomes alive with fluid movement and vibrant lighting, sometimes becoming more livelier than the party above the glass boundary.
Water walls are another interior decor feature that can be enhanced with lighting. A simple light focus, enhances the ripples and flow of water, making it a beautiful focal point. Placing it at a location, where lighting from an external source can play with its moods, will give the wall a variety that is unpredictable. Similarly, installing the lights within the wall and allowing the water to flow over, will give a subtle glow to the wall, with a romantic soft  ambiance to the interior space.
Lighting can also be moderated with the levels of intensity, twinkling to blazing. Each level of intensity communicates a certain level of energy, which transforms the room from a romantic “candlelit” atmosphere to a bright tropical themed party room. Light products today allow us to use dials to control the brightness of these lights and come with a light color selector.
The union of two forces in nature water and light along with creativity and ingenuity of a human brain has now allowed us to discuss some picturesque options for enlightening (pun, intended!) our homes. Definitely, the ways in which we can express our interior spaces have become more versatile and catered to our needs.. nay.. wants!