Walking on Water: Using Water Streams Within House Flooring

If you have been to any of world’s tallest buildings, one of the definite attractions on the topmost floors of these buildings will be the glass floor, which tends to give acrophobics the jitters. This allows us to feel the adventure of being at a fearful height without any restraints. Similarly, we can use the…



Using Lights Within Water to Create Various Effects

And Let There Be Light Such were the famous biblical words, and with Noah, the movie, in theaters, timing could not be more coincidental. However, unlike the biblical event, with the invention of glass, we are able to tap into the advantage of transparency by combining water and light, without getting wet, indoors. Light is…


Just a Hint of Water with Puddle Aquariums

They say that good things come in small packages. That’s absolutely true when you’re talking about jewelry, but when it comes to aquascapes you might have a hard time finding people who are gung-ho about subtlety. Many aquarium enthusiasts like to go larger-than-life with incredibly elaborate aquascapes that include vibrant coral and eye-catching fish.