RE-EDIT Hair Salon gets a makeover by Sides Core, a Japanese design studio, based in Osaka Japan. Completed for a friend of the designer, the minimalistic theme accentuates the large-windowed façade that overlooks a busy street corner.

To soften the effects of the downtown area, the interior designer created a lush space filled with light and bright accents of yellow and red. The whole mission of the salon and designer is to bring patrons in to an atmosphere of refreshment and relaxation.

Architectural firm SIDES CORE opened in 2015. Owners & designers Sohei and Sumiko Arao received special mention in the 2010 design awars by Milan Salone, and their work includes architectural, interior and product design.

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10_hair_salon_RE_EDIT_Sakai_ku_Osaka_SIDES_CORE_yatzer RE-EDIT hair salon interior design by SIDE CORES SIDE CORES interior design Osaka Japan Osaka Japan RE-EDIT hair salon RE-EDIT hair salon